Golf Course Bunker Construction

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Every game or sport is better when it challenges the player to constantly improve, and to face challenges as they come. For golf courses, the best way to keep someone on his or her toes is to build in bunkers, or traps, that the ball can fall into if it isn’t hit in just the right way. At Shapemasters, we employ the Better Billy Bunker method, which yields a more durable bunker that you and your golfers can rely on for future games without worrying about torn liners or slow drainage.


A layer of gravel can make all the difference when it comes to a bunker in your golf course. This layer eliminates the need for liners, and reduces both washouts and silt contamination, leaving your bunkers playable in all conditions.

Capillary Concrete

When the construction or renovation project is done, day-to-day maintenance can make or break a golf course. That’s why Shapemasters uses Capillary Concrete products, which help reinforce features against washouts and standing water, reducing the need for frequent repairs.

Polylast Bunker Liner

If you do end up with a liner for your bunker, you want it to be the absolute best available on the market. The PolyLast Bunker Liner is porous enough that it easily becomes part of the drainage system, guiding water away from your bunkers to keep them in optimal playing shape.

Better Billy Bunkers

Quality construction

For reliability and longevity

Beautifully shaped features

Signature course upgrades

Premium material

Durable and longlasting

To protect your course


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