Our Team

Jeffrey Stein


Marvin Mateo

Project Foreman

“Appreciate what you have and don’t be too proud to learn something new every day, if not by asking you can observe and follow, after all, you become a better person.”

Hugo Gomez

Project Supervisor

“I look forward to coming to work every day and starting a good plan then being able to accomplish it at the end of the day.” “Think positively and try to overcome the impossible.”

Gaspar Cardona

Project Manager

“My passion about shaping is watching players enjoy the game of golf and meet the challenges of pinning the ball.” “Enjoy and live life to the fullest, for tomorrow may never come.”

Mark Mitchell

Project Manager

“I like being able to lead my crew and guide them to complete the project correctly on time, the first time.” “Live life with no regrets and learn from your mistakes.”

Pascual Baltazar


“I enjoy interacting with different people, I believe that there is something good in each of us.” “Share your knowledge and talents with others, especially with those who want to learn. If they follow your unselfish traits, the knowledge and talents will eventually lead to success.”

Austin Mitchell


“I enjoy working with other people and interacting with new ones. Operating heavy equipment and learning new methods of applications are challenges which keep me from being bored.” “Failure only applies to those who QUIT before maximizing their CAPABILITIES.”

Shannon Moyer

Acting Executive Assistant

Eric Padgett

Chief Financial Officer

“Put yourself out on a limb, if you don’t hear it breaking, then you are not out far enough.”

Carlos Perez

Director of Operations

“I like to face challenges every day and conquer these challenges.” “EXPERIMENT: Try different things. EXPLORE: Learn something new. INVENT: Create from your own mind what and how it can be done.”