Our Team

A Few of the Shapemasters, Inc. Team Profiles

Our President and CEO Jeffrey Stein got his start in the golf course construction industry in Pennsylvania and eventually started our company back in 1993. It is his leadership that sets the high standards we uphold for integrity, honesty, and pride of work.

Those qualities are highlighted in the fact that we have many repeat customers and more than 250 subcontractors who are happy to work with us. The rest of the Shapemasters, Inc. team profiles on this page give a glimpse into the overall quality of the people we work with.

Director of Operations Carlos Perez, is from Florida with 31 years experience in the golf industry. Carlos is well respected by all who know him, for his vast knowledge on any form golf course construction.He can lead and guide anybody who is willing to learn the challenges of interpreting and applying the vision plans of an architect or designer to reality on the ground from clearing raw land, drain bunkers, tees, greens and fairways, to a playable and enjoyable golf course of any level."Success at anything will always come down to this: Focus and effort. We control both"

Chief Financial Officer/Controller Eric Padgett, CPA. He's a native of North Carolina with 16 years of experience in the golf industry. "Put yourself out on a limb. If you don't hear it breaking, you're not far enough."

Project Superintendent/Project Coordinator Gaspar Cardona, started his 27 years of golf course experiences in Florida. He has multiple talents in Golf Course building. He can operate any golf course equipment effectively, efficiently and safely starting as a shaper or general operator. When necessary he manages any size of team players on renovation or reconstruction projects. "Stay strong mentally, physically and spiritually, and don't give up, to conquer your challenges."

Project Manager Mark Mitchell, has 32 years of experience operating all large and small construction equipment.  Those years of experience make him appreciate the uique, artistic and delicate applications required in golf course construction.  He also respects, understands and appreciates the Architects/Designers visions from plans to the successful application on the ground, with a challenging, beautiful, playable and enjoyable game of golf.  His experience as a general operator, shaper and project manager leads him to believe there is nothing more gratifying than the joys of being a part of a team of good, dedicated, hard working and talented people, working together, who are able to enhance a raw and maybe decaying land to an envoronmentally friendly piece of developed landscape as in a Golf Course, enjoyed by our freinds of nature and all golfers from beginners to experts. "Live life with no regrets and learn from your mistakes."

Shaper Austin Mitchell credits his several years of experience, knowledge and expertise to his late, educated and intellectual grandfather, talented father and expert uncle.  His intensity to learn, keeps him focused in understanding the mechanisms, capablilities of each machine and their safe operation.  When given the opportunity, he enjoys the challenges to appply the use of these machines in Golf Course Construction as new methods are constantly introduced. "Success is no accident.  It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do."